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EOS – Inflation Rate Slashed

Top popular smart contracting platform EOS is going to see a reduction in token inflation from 5% to 1% after the latest vote by the community members. EOS has a perpetual annual inflation rate of 5%, of which 1% is paid to the block producers for network maintenance and the remaining 4% is directed into the eos.is savings account that functions more like a reserve for future spending. However, with no clear mandate as to how to spend the reserve tokens, a proposal has been made to reduce the inflation to 1%, which will be paid to the block producers in its entirety, to curtail the piling up of balances in the savings account as it can be a future attack vector for hackers. The proposal received 100% of the vote in favour of the inflation rate cut from the community members.

The below graph illustrates the change in supply schedule for EOS after the inflation rate cut. At 1% inflation rate, EOS would have less than a third of total tokens it would have had at a 5% rate.

EOS Supply Change

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