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In Conversation with Zhuang, CEO, XSQ

In Conversation with Zhuang, CEO, XSQ

HongZhuang Lim is a serial entrepreneur and the Chief Executive Officer for XSQ Pte Ltd. He has spent over 10 years in the food and agriculture industry building businesses from bottom up in diverse environments especially in South East Asia. Zhuang brings about fresh perspectives as the “odd guy” in the deal as his foundation years in business was in totally unrelated fields. He leads investments from a very pragmatic and realist angle that the technology should be applicable and have a strong impact in everyday lives.

Zhuang from XSQ Singapore is someone I have spent a significant amount of time while we were putting together www.decentralize.sg. While we were focussed on bringing in top quality industry experts, without XSQ’s local community efforts De/Centralize would not have turned out the way it did. We also worked closely on www.108token.com and Z had some amazing insights into the process. If you are looking to build a community around your project in Singapore you need to speak with XSQ Singapore.

ZPX, XSQ & QCP hosted a private event during NYC blockchain week

Q: What motivated you to get into blockchain & Crypto?

A strong passion for a decentralized world democratizing the access of wealth back to the community

Q: What were you doing before Crypto/Blockchain? Were there any Challenges you faced which crypto transformed for you?

I was involved in the agriculture industry in Malaysia/Singapore. Wanting to facilitate cross-border transactions.

Q: What is the main problem you or your organization is excited to solve in this fast-evolving space? Why is this important?

We are interested in supporting good entrepreneurs and cross-border transactions.

Q: What do you think are the biggest challenges in the industry or in your jurisdiction of operation?

Awareness and ease of adoption. There appears to be a massive information asymmetry.

Q: Beyond your own project, which other blockchain projects are you excited about? Why?

None at the moment

Q: Any Books or individuals that have completely changed your perspective on Blockchain?

Cryptoassets, by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar — https://www.amazon.com/Cryptoassets-Innovative-Investors-Bitcoin-Beyond/dp/1260026671

Q: What should anyone new to this space look out for?

Scammers and bad project teams

Speaking about 108 token at the XSQ & HASHED lounge

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