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[PODCAST] Sandeep Nailwal on the Matic Network, Crypto Landscape and Regulation in India, Ethereum and more

In conversation with Sandeep Nailwal on the Matic Network, Crypto Landscape and Regulation in India, Ethereum and more

[PODCAST] Dhruv Bansal on Data in Blockchains, Custody and Lending in Crypto, and Bitcoin

In our 2nd episode, we host Dhruv Bansal of Unchained Capital. Dhruv talks about his background in physics and how he got involved in the cryptocurrency space. We discuss in detail custody solutions and on-chain and off-chain lending platforms and the use of data in blockchains. We also venture into Dhruv’s thoughts on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

[PODCAST] Thomas Pacchia on Bitcoin, Privacy and Investing in Crypto Assets

In the inaugural episode of the Satoshi&Co Podcast, we host Thomas Pacchia of HODL Capital. We discuss Thomas’ background and his journey from law to crypto. Thomas talks about his favourite crypto projects, especially Bitcoin and the lightning network. We also talk about privacy coins and their importance and the crypto ecosystem in Asia.

In Conversation with Zhuang, CEO, XSQ

In Conversation with Zhuang, CEO, XSQ HongZhuang Lim is a serial entrepreneur and the Chief Executive Officer for XSQ Pte Ltd. He has spent over 10 years in the food and agriculture industry building businesses from bottom up in diverse environments especially in South East Asia. Zhuang brings about fresh perspectives as the “odd guy” in […]

In Conversation with Katherine Ng of Quoine

In conversation with Katherine Ng of Quoine regarding her move to blockchain and crypto

In Conversation with Popo Chen – Founder Cobinhood, Dexon Protocol

We have had the privilege to spend a lot of time with Popo over the last few months. He is one of the most interesting entrepreneurs we have met during our travels to Asia …

In Conversation With Meltem Demirors -Athena Capital

We hosted Meltem Demirors and several other crypto luminaries as part of our first conference www.decentralize.sg.

In Conversation with Pavel, CEO at Bluzelle

Discussion on the latest trends and developments around digital assets and blockchain technology.

In Conversation with Michael Smith, Partner at SeedPlus

Michael Smith, Partner at SeedPlus talk about blockchain prior to De/Centralize 2018