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Satoshi&Co Lookback Series – The Best Crypto Podcasts of 2018

With less than a week to go before 2019 starts, we want to present to you some of the best podcasts we have listened to over 2018. These have helped us formulate a strong positive view on why cryptocurrencies are here to stay, irrespective of recent price trends.

The podcasts we recommend below capture the views of some of the sharpest thinkers in blockchain/crypto/DLT. We hope you will find this as insightful and informative as we did.

Murad Mahmudov: The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument

Murad Mahmudov, a thought-leader in the crypto space, known especially for his views on Bitcoin, money and Austrian economics, discusses what Bitcoin is, how it works, the importance of its deflationary monetary system, why all Fiat Currencies are doomed to fail, and how central banks and institutions should be thinking about Bitcoin.

Venture Stories – The Present and Future of Crypto with Naval Ravikant and Balaji Srinivasan

Naval, most famous for his role as Cofounder of AngelList and Balaji, CTO at Coinbase get into a deep discussion on topics including why we need blockchains, what are the use cases of cryptocurrencies, what skill sets are needed to thrive in the new blockchain economy, who wins in the long term and what would need to happen for them to give up on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, among others.

All About Stablecoins – Andreessen Horowitz

A16z does a deep dive on the latest topic of interest in the cryptocurrency community – stablecoins. In the podcast, attended by Andy Milenius, the founder of Maker, the panel starts off talking about the history of money and goes on to discuss what stablecoins are, the current trends in stablecoins, where stablecoins fit in into the broader cryptocurrency landscape as well as the challenges projects might face while designing and developing such solutions.

How We’re Misusing the Word ‘Decentralization’ by Soona Ahmaz

Soona Ahmaz, Cofounder at Token Daily, discusses how certain companies such as Ripple and EOS represent being decentralized in a misleading way. She also explains why, when a good metric becomes a target, people try to game it, and why we should be open to projects becoming decentralized over time. Laura Shin and Ahmaz also discuss tribalism, and why it’s bad in some instances but good otherwise.

Meanwhile in Crypto Wonderland….

“Madison Looks to Enter Crypto” Madison Holdings Group, which is listed on the GEM board of the Hong Kong stock exchange, and is otherwise best known for trading in fine French wine, plans to buy a stake in BitOcean, a Japanese cryptocurrency trading platform. In a filing to the secondary board of the Hong Kong bourse this month, the company said Madison Lab, a subsidiary, is to acquire 67.2% of BitOcean from independent third parties for 1.68 billion yen (US$15.12 million), plus about another US$15 million in various fees.

“Huge Growth in Crypto ATMs” Data Light, a crypto analytics firm, recently published a report that revealed that on an average, 2018 saw seven new Bitcoin ATM machine installation in every 24 hours. The total number of Crypto ATMs in the world is 4,051. Out of these 4,051 machines almost all of them offer the world’s largest cryptocurrency- Bitcoin, whereas, 2,421 machines offers Litecoin, 729 crypto ATMs offer Dash, and half of the ATMs worldwide offer Ethereum.

“Litecoin to Sponsor UFC Event” Crypto sponsorship goes mainstream as the Litecoin Foundation announced its sponsorship of an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event. The foundation said that it has become the “Official Cryptocurrency Partner” of the UFC light heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson. The foundation stated that the sponsorship is part of its effort to expand the adoption of digital currencies.

“South Korea Court Backs Exchange” A South Korean court has ruled in favor of the Bithumb exchange after a user was hacked for around $355,000 and moved to sue the firm over the loss. Court documents reveal that the user had placed KRW 478 million in his account and within hours someone had logged into his account and exchanged the cash for Ethereum. The judge overseeing the case ultimately backed Bithumb, stating that the Electronic Financial Transactions Act does not apply to the exchange.

“60% UK Crypto Startups Shut Down” According to a report from Sky News, the recent crypto downturn is hitting the UK hard, with about 60% of crypto firms being forced to shut down operations. The report found that at least 340 UK-based crypto companies went defunct in 2018, a significant rise from the 139 such closures in the previous year. Furthermore, most of these closures occured in the latter half of the year between June and November, which coincides with the roughly 80% fall in crypto market value.

“GMO Quits Mining Hardware Business”GMO Internet Group the Japanese internet giant is shutting its crypto mining hardware business due to extraordinary losses in the fourth quarter. According to the company’s announcement, “the environment is increasingly competitive because of the decreased demand mainly due to the decline in the cryptocurrency price, the decline in the sales price, etc”.

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