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Satoshi&Co Lookback Series – The Best Bitcoin Blog Posts of 2018

“The pure present is an ungraspable advance of the past devouring the future. In truth, all sensation is already memory” – Murakami/Bergson

As 2018 becomes 2019, we wanted to take the opportunity to provide our readers a quick recap of some of the interesting takes and viewpoints on the current state of cryptocurrencies and what the future of cryptocurrencies could potentially be. As can be expected, the posts have been authored by angular personalities with very strong views, and are unique in the perspective they provide, cutting through all the clutter we have seen in crypto literature, especially over the past 12 months or so.We kick-off this round up of thematic and insightful pieces for 2018 with Bitcoin – the first and so far arguably the most successful implementation of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). Over the coming days, we will be doing a fair bit of these ‘ look back’ series, interspersed with the occasional regular missive.

Bitcoin Articles:

Bitcoin: Past and Future by Murad Mahmudov and Adam Tache

This concept-heavy post sheds light on various aspects of Bitcoin’s functioning, its philosophically divided community rift and the analysis of proposed systems aimed at improving the protocol. For a better understanding, we urge our readers to read the prelude to the above post first.

The Time Value of Bitcoin by Nik Bhatia

A succinct post that applies the fundamental financial concepts of risk-free rate and risk premia to Bitcoin’s second layer Lightning Network. Click here to learn more about Lightning Network and the problems it can potentially solve in scaling on the network.

Visions of Bitcoin by Nic Carter

A must-read post on the constantly evolving narratives of Bitcoin since its inception a decade ago, starting from an e-cash proof of concept to a p2p payments network to digital gold to the darknet’s darling to reserve currency in the crypto world to uncorrelated financial asset.

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin by Vijay Boyapati

Vijay makes a case for BTC already having found its product-market fit, as a store-of-value (SoV) even better than gold. Leaning heavily on Austrian economics, this interesting blog post explores the evolution of money over centuries and talks at length about how fiat currencies acquired the properties they have today, as well as how Bitcoin has all the properties to become the de facto SoV that the modern economy craves.

Bitcoin’s Path to Method of Payment by Jimmy Song

Leading Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song presents his take on the perhaps the most contentious topic out there and compares the Bitcoin’s SoV against its medium-of-exchange characteristics.

Meanwhile in Crypto Wonderland….

“BSV Double Spent?” A user reportedly was able to double spend his coins in a “0-conf transaction” on Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV), the altcoin born after the fork of Bitcoin Cash. According to his explanation, the root cause of BSV being so vulnerable is because of its centralization. Taking advantage of this situation, he sent multiple expenses through the different nodes which allowed him to prove that the danger is genuine.

“OKEx Surpasses Binance” Yesterday OKEx surpassed Binance as the largest cryptocurrency exchange, with a market cap of $609 million against $562 million. Ever since the emergence of Bitcoin and other currencies, Coinbase in the US, Huobi in Singapore and OKEx in Hong Kong have all appeared as the major market players. Meanwhile, DigiFinex, which was ranked fourth earlier, overtook Huobi.

“Law Prof Calls Crypto Regulation Confusing” Carol Goforth, a law professor who teaches at the University of Arkansas School of Law, the regulatory climate of crypto in the United States remains confusing. According to Goforth, “overlapping regulations produced by a multitude of distinct agencies with different missions and priorities” has resulted in a “confusing mix of classifications and requirements” for crypto assets.

“Bitmain Shuts Down Israel Operations”Mining giant Bitmain is the latest to be hit by the cryptocurrency bear market and is shutting down its Israel-based development center, Bitmaintech Israel. The development center was set up two years ago, and will close this week laying off its 23-people-strong staff in the process. Gadi Glikberg, head of Bitmaintech Israel and VP at Bitmain, will also be parting ways with the business.

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