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Libra in DC

Libra’s congressional hearing, led by Facebook’s crypto chief David Marcus, provided some valuable insights; It brought to the fore the high degree of skepticism that regulators have over Facebook’s crypto plans, especially given its track record with handling data; as well as its alleged role in circulating fake news during the 2016 presidential election

Libra Congressional Hearing; Markets Sliding Back Into Crypto Fall?

This week starts off with David Marcus, head of Facebook’s Libra project, being hauled up in front of the US Congress; the Senate Banking Committee, to be precise; As eminent a collection of grey eminences as they come, with an average age north of 60. It will likely be a theatre of the absurd.

Facebook says Hello to Crypto, announces Libra/Calibra

Facebook today announced the launch of its payments-focused cryptocurrency called Libra. And the funny thing is, it is not even a real cryptocurrency!

Surging Stablecoin Issuances

The recent run-up in crypto prices has led to a surge in new issuances for stablecoins, especially for fiat-backed USD stablecoin projects

Facebook’s New Stablecoin

Post a lot of speculation, there is a confirmation on Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, Libra – its native stablecoin for payments.

DAI Monetary Policy – Mirroring Traditional Central Banking

How exactly does DAI maintain the Dollar peg when the price of DAI persistently trades at a discount to its pegged price of $1?

Metal-Backed Tokens

PAXOS announced plans to launch a gold-pegged token later this year, making it the first US-based company to tokenize gold on the blockchain.

Crypto Loans

Our 3rd piece on the exciting area of decentralized finance takes a deeper look at crypto loans.

DAI Monetary Policy: Stablecoin Pegging to USD

How exactly does DAI maintain the dollar peg? A great intersection of finance and code.

Facebook’s Crypto Play

Speculation has been rife around Facebook’s plans to a digital currency for p2p transfers, and India could be the first country in which the project could kickoff..

ForDeX.Co Announces Grant From 0x

ForDeX has been awarded an ecosystem acceleration grant from the 0x Project (ZeroEx Intl.)!

JP Morgan Launches a Private Cryptocurrency!

JP Morgan has launched a centralized (private blockchain) stablecoin called JPM coin for faster money transfer services for its clients.

DAI – Emergence of the Decentralized Stablecoin

There are very few projects that have managed to consistently execute on their product roadmaps after all the hype and hoopla of the 2017-18 ICO boom. MakerDAO is definitely one of them.

Magic Internet Money

ForDeX features a crypto-powered remittance engine that offers fast transaction confirmations in a low-cost manner.

Stablecoin Arbitrage Strategies

The increasingly growing number of stablecoin projects and the price guarantee that stablecoins are expected to provide is creating multiple kinds of price arbitrage opportunities.

World’s First Stablecoin Exchange ::: ForDeX :::

ZPX is proud to launch ForDeX, the World’s first stablecoin exchange powered by 0x.

ETH Exposure Through Leveraging DAI

A detailed exploration of how one might use the DAI, a decentralized, crypto-collateralized stablecoin, to gain leverage exposure to ETH.

Presenting ForDeX (a DEX for Foreign Exchange and more!)

The world’s first stablecoin-focused relayer

2019 is the Year of Stablecoins – 2

Looks like the experimentation with CBDCs is moving faster than we anticipated it would.

2019 is the Year of Stablecoins – 1

The current landscape of stablecoins mirrors the pre-Ethereum era of cryptocurrencies, where virtually every currency back then was a Bitcoin clone.

Sovereign Stablecoins – the Currency of the Moment

An increasing number of countries are experimenting with the concept of state-backed cryptocurrencies or CBDCs. Latest to join the CBDC bandwagon: Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

ICOs to DAI For!

DAI’s operational model looks well-tested as it has so far managed to survive the steep fall of ETH prices that commenced in 2018.

A Move Towards State-backed Crypto

Cut off from the outside world, some countries have to rely on developing their own cryptocurrencies.

StableCoinMania – 2

Continuing with our topic du jour of stablecoins, we had mentioned that collateralized stablecoin providers will have to jump through hoops to close the loop with the traditional banks on the fiat side.

StableCoin Mania – 1

How would one even go about creating an INR base coin?