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ZPX is at Consensus Singapore

Team ZenPriveX is in Singapore this week for the inaugural edition of Consensus Singapore. We hope to come back to with you key takeaways from the event and other interesting things we pick from around conference in Singapore in a newsletter soon.

You can read about our Consensus New York round-up here.

Please hit us up if you are in Singapore this week.

Meanwhile in Crypto Wonderland….

“Antifragile” Cryptocurrency startup InVault began its cryptocurrency custody offerings last week despite the ongoing ban on cryptocurrencies in China. The company’s novel decentralized architecture circumvents the ongoing crackdown by making InVault the keeper of users’ private keys, but not the underlying crypto assets.

“It’s Finally Happening!” Tezos, one of the most-awaited and highly-rated crypto projects, is finally launching its mainnet today. Following the $230 million fundraising last year, the project came under a lot of scrutiny due to the infighting between the project founders and the foundation president. The project was also hit with class-action lawsuits from its investors for alleged violation of securities laws and defrauding of its investors.

“Clarity on Japan Regulations” Japan’s top financial markets regulator FSA unveiled the current state of regulations for cryptocurrency markets. The FSA said that over 160 businesses were seeking regulatory approval to enter the business. The regulator also discussed self-regulatory rules established by the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (Jvcea), management of customer assets and Anti Money-Laundering rules.

“Centralized Stablecoin” A new study, authored by blockchain researcher Alex Lebed and crypto consultant Alexey Akhunov, found that Gemini is able to freeze and reverse transactions of its new centralized stablecoin GUSD. Another key takeaway was that the custodian is able to completely change the implementation of the token every 48 hours.

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